Recorders, Mixers and Timecode.

Sound Devices 663 6 Track Production mixer and Recorder.

Sound Devices 788T-SSD 8 Track hard drive location recorder with timecode. Plus CL-WiFi wireless interface.

Sound Devices CL8 Controller for 788.

Ambient ACL204 Lockit Portable Timecode synchroniser.

Ambient ACN-TL Tiny Lockit

Ambient Nano Lockits x 2

Deneke TS3 Time-code Slate.


Schoeps CMC-6 Microphone amplifier

Schoeps MK41 Supercardiod  capsule

Schoeps Mini CMIT Supercardiod

Sennheiser 416

Sennheiser 816

(all with full Rycote wind protection)

1x Sanken CUB-01 Plant microphone

5x Sanken COS 11 Lavalier microphones

4x Tram Lavalier microphones 

2x Countryman B6 Lavalier microphones

Sanken CSS-5 Stereo microphone


2x Lectrosonics SRb Dual channel UHF receiver

1x Lectrosonics SRc Wide band Dual channel UHF receiver

4x Lectrosonics SMQV UHF radio microphone transmitters

2x Lectrosonics LT  UHF radio transmitters

1x Lectrosonics UH400A Boom transmitter


Ambient Quickpole QL570 Carbon fibre boom with Ambient QR. 2.8 metre

Ambient Quickpole QP4140 with Ambient QR. 5.4 metre

Panamic Maxi Boom 5811 with Ambient QR. 4.06 metre

Headphone Feeds.

1x Lectrosonics UM400a IFB transmitter

3x Lectrosonics R1a IFB headphone monitoring receivers


GME TX 6150 5Watt CB Radios x 3

Headphones, Sound cart, Cables, Adapters 

Numerous 9V, AA, AAA and NP1 rechargeable Li-Ion batteries

Portabrace and K-Tek bags for recorder, mixer and radio receivers.

Versa-flex harness.

Location Vehicle.

Toyota Prado 4WD