OLD Credits




Ben's Cart

‘Korero Mai’Cinco Cine Productions. Series 5, 6, 7, 8. Series 9. Dir:Robyn Grace. DOP: Fred Renata.
‘Brown Bruthaz’ Cinco Cine Productions. 6 part Series. DOP: Fred Renata


‘Housebound’ (Shared Credit). Dir: Gerard Johnstone. DOP: Simon Reira.
‘Kiwi Flyer’ Prod:Tim Sanders/Maile Daugherty. Dir: Tony Simpson. DOP: David Paul.
‘Nights in the Gardens of Spain’ Dir: Katie Wolfe. DOP: Fred Renata
‘Curry Munchers’ (Shared Credit). DOP: Karl Schodt.
‘Wound’ (Casual).lla Productions Dir: David Blyth

Short Films

‘Nightshift’ Prod:Curious. Dir: Zia Mandviwalla. DOP: Ari Wegner. Official Selection Cannes 2012
‘Meathead’ Prod:Chelsea Winstanley/Desray Armstrong. Dir: Sam Holst. Official Selection Cannes 2011
‘Blue’ Prod:Curious. Dir: Stephan Kang. DOP: Ginny Loane. Best Short Film-Critics Week Cannes 2011
‘The Hunting Party’ Prod: Maile Daugherty. Dir: Andrew Beattie. DOP: Simon Raby.

‘Inorganic’ Prod:Flying Fish. DOP: Dave Garbett (To be released)
‘10,000 Days’ Prod:Thick As Thieves/Nik Beachman. Dir: Michael Duignan. DOP: Duncan Cole.
‘Sneak Out’ Prod: Lani Feltham. Dir: Ying Ly. DOP: Dave Cameron.

‘The Gully’ Prod: Tanya Haitoua-Cathro. Dir: Peter Mccully. DOP: Simon Temple.
‘A New Song’ Dir/Prod:Marcus Palmer. DOP: Dominic Fryer.
‘The Concert’ Prod/Dir:Ayla Amano/Dennis Brooks. DOP: Grant McKinnon.
‘Roof Rattling’ Robin Murphy Productions
‘Zero’ Mushroom Pictures

Sunset in Hokianga

Sunset in Hokianga


‘Gravity Coffee’ Robbers Dog. DOP: Tim Pierce
‘St John Medical Alarms with Carol Hirschfield’ DOP: Rhys Duncan
‘ASB-Brand Creating Futures’ Prod:Tanya Cathro. DOP: Rob Marsh
‘Green Party-Election TVC’ Fatboy Films
‘Eclipse-Creatures’ The Sweet Shop
‘Bunnings’ TBA Productions
‘Warehouse-Boy DVD’ Whenua Films
‘Hills Flooring’ Omnicron Productions
‘Yellow Pages’ Film Brewery
‘Fairfax Media’ Big Communications
‘Tax Refunds’ Juice TV


‘The Golden Hour’ Desert Road Productions. Dir: Justin Pemberton. DOP: DJ Stipsen.
‘TVNZ-Brand Refresh/News Promos’ Prod: Spicer & Martin. DOP: Jake Bryant.
‘TVNZ-North & South-My Space’ Prod/Dir: Oliver Sealy. DOP: Bevan Crothers.
‘TVNZ-Hindsight’ Prod: Stewart Jones. DOP: Dave Cameron.
‘The Green Chain’ Scottie Productions. DOP: Jake Bryant.
‘Phunk Nation’ Omnicron. 13 part Series.
‘Freestyle Series 1’ Mad Avenue. 13 part Series.
‘My House My Castle’ Eyeworks.
‘Go Straight-Greece’ Eyeworks.
‘The Mole’ Imagination. Reality Series.
‘Celebrity Survivor- Australia’ Imagination. Reality Series.
‘The Love Train’ Pacifica Productions.

Phunk Nation cast and crew

Phunk Nation Director, Shua and DoP

‘Artsville’ Gibson Group.
‘The Tem Show’ Greenstone Pictures.
‘What’s Really In Our Food?’ Top Shelf. Shared credit
‘Honey we’re killing the kids’ Imagination. Shared credit
‘Tu Te Puehu Series 9’ Te Aratai Productions Shared Credit
‘Biggest Loser-Season 11’ Biggest Loser 4 Productions Shared Credit
‘What ever happened to?’ Eyeworks. Minor credit
‘New Zealand Masterchef’ Imagination. Minor credit

Boom Operater:

‘Outrageous Fortune Series 4’ Snd Rec Myk Farmer. (Casual)
‘Power Rangers’ Snd Rec Dave Hurley. (Casual)
‘Kiwibank’,  ‘Flomax’ Snd Rec Mike Westgate. TVC
‘ADAC’, ‘McDonalds’ Snd Rec Craig Perry. TVC
‘SK Telecom’ Snd Rec Dave Maddigan. TVC
‘Amersfoortse’ Snd Rec Malcolm Cromie. TVC

Sound Assistant:

‘X-Men Origins-Wolverine’ Snd Rec Guntis Sics. Woz Productions (Relieving). Feature.